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About our Bistro

With 33 years of culinary experience, the owner/chef Skip, orchestrates and exceptional culinary cuisine in the unique, quaint, sought after location. Located in the heart of the historical Downtown Stuart, Eighteen Seminole Bistro is considered to have one of the most intimate and romantic settings. The restaurant offers a wide range of culinary dishes that will satisfy event the most discerning food aficionados.

You will find warm hospitality in a rustic historically 1920 preserved building. The owner went to extreme lengths to retain the original architectural features, including the original well preserved woof flooring. The historical ambiance will give you an experience on its own. Our food is sourced from top quality seasonal ingredients, featuring a high percentage of local and organic products. Our Goal is to provide a memorable, quality dining experience for every guest that arrives at our doors.


Master Chef & Founder

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